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So I know that Harry Potter has the fancy train that take you from the hidden platform to Hogwarts. But why doesn’t it have some fancy cars that transport the rich and famous of the Harry Potter world? We know from this world of ours that the rich and famous live in a different world than us regular people. Even in fiction world they portray the rich and famous in their own world.

In the world of Harry Potter anything is possible with some potions and magic. Why not having some flying cars and step into the future and toss those brooms out eh?

Well they haven’t invented flying cars yet, but I have a picture in my head of what a flying limousine would look like. I would want my interior to look like this picture below


Oh yeah! I’d want to go to Hogwarts in style. Well they do have private jets available that look like this. But man us regular people can’t afford to own a luxury jet. We will however settle for a flying limousine service┬áthat can take us to places in style and luxury.

When I was sitting there and contemplating about Harry Potter and flying limousines, I came across this song called limousine by Wax. Let me tell you this song is amazing and truly inspiring. It basically tells you to own life and enjoy that even if you get a flying limo ride to heaven, you wouldn’t want it because your life is too awesome. When you are truly enjoying life, it will be short.

Is there going to be a new Harry Potter movie and book anytime soon? I remember being in high school when I had no friends and we weren’t allowed to be anywhere else on campus during lunch time except the cafeteria which I hated. So I would sit in the bathroom stall and read Harry Potter. Thanks Harry Potter for being an awesome companion.